industrie- und kühlschmierstoffe, kühlmittel, kühlstoffe

Industrial and cooling lubricant

PETROGUSS is proud to be at the forefront of REACH compliance in the industry. Our products comply with these regulations without exception. We use new, innovative substances, which offer the users at least an equivalent but often better mode of action, in relation to the classically used components before the REACH regulation.

PETROGUSS offers a wide range of cooling lubricants for metalworking:

kühlschmierstoffe günstig industrie
  • Grinding and general machining
  • Medium cutting
  • Heaviest cutting
  • General cutting
  • Grinding and general machining

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Casting
  • Steel
  • Non-ferrous metals

Our cooling lubricants have the following properties:
+ Free of boric acid or classic with boric acid more than 5%
+ Amino acid-containing or amino acid-free
+ Range of performance: All-rounder or with increased performance index
+ Materials to be processed: Steel, grey cast iron, aluminium, non-ferrous metals
+ Corrosion protection: both temporary and increased

Diluent and defoamer: Hardener PG, defoamer PG
• With very soft water, a slight hardening of the emulsion by 2 - 5 ° dH is often more effective and longer lasting than the addition of a surface defoamer
Application 600 ml/m³ = 5 °dH hardening
• Surface defoamers, 0.01 %

Alkalizing agent, alkalizing agent PG
• For increasing the pH value of emulsions / solutions
• Application 0.10 – 0,20 %

Discoloration protection, non-ferrous metal inhibitor PG
• To prevent discoloration of copper-containing materials
• Application 0,05%

Calcification stop, hardness stabilizer PG
• To prevent limescale deposits in machines, on conveyor belts and components with high water hardness > 30 °dH
• Application 0.05 %

Semi-hot and hot forming; liquid concentrate, Petroform PG - UFM
• For heaviest massive forming on multi-stage presses
• Base solid lubricant
• Recyclable

Hotforming, liquid concentrate, Petroform PG - E
• High-performance forming oil for multi-stage press
• Base complex ester
• Particularly easy to wash off components
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